Welcome to Briarcrest Saint Shop

About Us

The Saint Shop is the bookstore for Briarcrest Christian School in Eads, TN.  The Saint Shop offers BCS clothing, spirit items, gifts and some school supplies.  The Saint Shop has two locations on the BCS campus, one in the high school and one in the middle school.

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High School Shop:



Open 7:30am- 12:30pm M-F

1pm-3pm by appointment.

Middle School Shop:


Open 7:30 am- 10:30 am M-F

Textbook Bulletin: Middle School and High School students must check the Textbook Bulletin to know what book you need for your classes.


Teacher Supply Lists: In addition to textbooks, classroom teachers will post a list of classroom supplies that they require.  Please visit the Elementary, Middle School or High School web pages to view Teacher Supply Lists.   These lists are posted at various times during the summer.  Contact the Elementary, Middle School or High School office for more info.

*Note: No Elementary supplies are located in the Saint Shop.

Elementary: https://www.briarcrest.com/parents/elementary

Middle School:  https://www.briarcrest.com/parents/middle-school

High School: https://www.briarcrest.com/parents/high-school